The nomination of Angelo Gafa for Police Commissioner of the Malta Police Force has been approved as by Government, following the recommendation of the Parliamentary Public Appointments Committee.

Mr Gafa underwent questioning yesterday by the Public Appointments Committee, in the presence of Labour Party MPs Evarist Bartolo, Glenn Bedingfield, Joe Mizzi and Anthony Agius Decelis.

He previously served in the Armed Forces of Malta and joined the Police Force in 2003.

During yesterday’s hearing, Mr Gafa said, “The main reason I gave in my nomination for police commissioner is because I feel I have a duty to the Police Force.”

Mr Gafa spoke about gaining people’s trust in the police, and how morale in some aspects of the force has been low due to this. “The Force wants to increase people's confidence and trust, but to get to that point we must grow our own confidence and trust as ultimately we need to lead by example.”

The vacancy drew 14 applications for a new commissioner, who were interviewed by the Public Service Commission. Two were shortlisted and passed on to Government, where Mr Gafa was chosen.

Mr Gafa's nomination was the first using this process, where previously, police commissioners were directly appointed by Government. The new system was welcomed by the Council of Europe's Venice Commission.

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