Mint’s throng of loyal patrons will be disappointed to note that the Sliema café will be closing up shop at the end of January 2023 after close to 14 years in business.

The New-Zealand style café was a favourite by many who frequented the area, and was among the first few establishments on the island to champion healthy food as its main selling point.

On Monday, management took to social media to “clear the air” amid rumours of its closure. It confirmed that Mint will only continue to operate until the end of January, and that the site will see a change of ownership, style and a “new and amazing brunch establishment can be expected soon.”

The establishment promptly reminded customers that there are two weeks left to get their fill of Mint favourites.

Mint first opened in Malta in April 2009, and is owned and run by Luke Allington, better known as Chef Luke, and Kerry Bond.

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