BAHIA is celebrating 100 days since it officially opened its doors at Corinthia Palace in Balzan, after leaving its location of five years in Lija.

Plans for the restaurant's Corinthia location initially started in November 2020, and it officially opened 14 months later at the start of 2022. The restaurant was originally located in Lija.

Speaking on the opening, BAHIA owner Colin Ciantar said that “Without the commitment and effort of such a great team of people, this project would have never seen the light of day.”

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Villa, a listed building at Corinthia Palace, which has been transformed into a journey that mimics that of an orange, going from the Seed, Growth, Blossom all the way to Harvest.

Alfred pisani colin

BAHIA owner Colin Ciantar and Corinthia Group Chairman and Founder, Alfred Pisani 

“We have worked relentlessly to create a space that is comfortable for our guests and extremely functional for our staff,” Mr Ciantar added.

BAHIA was awarded a Michelin star in 2021, and it was re-confirmed earlier this year, building on its aim of “proposing a contemporary and creative cuisine” to its customers.

“Today we feel we are in a position to give our guests a more complete experience,” with this being one of BAHIA’s “core values”, he continued.

The restaurant offers a selection of indoor tables as well as two open-air terraces that overlook the San Anton gardens.

Mr Ciantar added that “This is a big change from our little courtyard in Lija, and the team is excited to have the opportunity to serve guests outdoors, since it is fully aware of the preference for dining al fresco during the summer season.”

Bahia plate

The importance of oranges and harvest as the central themes of the restaurant is also resonated through the restaurant’s two orange trees, named Chloe and Jade, that are “eager to find themselves on these terraces accompanying guests who will continue experiencing the opportunity to choose their food from the Past, Present, or the Future,” he said.

Continuing on this theme, the menu changes every three to four months, mirroring the change of seasons.

Additionally, the restaurant also seeks to make use of numerous local products, which are either gathered or produced by Maltese farmers and foragers.

Mr Ciantar said that all three menus are inspired by some of Maltese culinary heritage’s foundations, and “our guests have received each of these menus really well.”

Corinthia Palace General Manager Alexandra Pisani also commented on the opening, saying: “As we look ahead to the new chapter and 60th anniversary of Corinthia Palace, having BAHIA as our Michelin Starred partner, celebrates another important milestone for us.”


“The imaginative Maltese dining menus, and the redesign of the space into an upscale restaurant, presents guests with a unique culinary experience,” she added.

“Corinthia Palace remains the quintessential address for travellers looking to experience the real Malta, in the heart of Malta,” she concluded.

BAHIA aims to respect Malta’s culinary heritage, seeking to bring forward “innovation and respect towards an array of high-quality ingredients.”

Corinthia Palace is one of the hotels forming part of Corinthia Hotels, being a property with 147 rooms and suites that describes itself as a “tranquil hotel” that allows customers to observe “the real magic of Malta”.

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From left: Colin Ciantar and Alfred Pisani

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