Bank of Valletta has reported feedback received from customer surveys that show 85 per cent of customers were satisfied with the service obtained, and would recommend it to family and friends.

The survey also reveals that 80 per cent of respondents reported their request was met at their first point of contact.

The survey, which compiled feedback from 1,000 BOV customers, is part of the bank’s commitment to evaluate its customer journey and experience.

Noel Vassallo, who heads the customer service centre at the bank, said “customers’ feedback is extremely valuable”, as it shows “how [the bank] is doing, and helps [it] identify any pockets that need re-engineering or improvement”.

Following their participation, five customers were randomly selected and presented with a €100 voucher as a token of appreciation.

85% BOV customers satisfied with bank’s customer service

The bank said “we would like to thank customers who afforded us the time to discuss their expectations and experience with our service.

In the meantime, we shall continue with our transformation process to make our customer service centre more accessible and responsive to customer needs.”

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Bank of Valletta

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