Beachaven, the seaside establishment on the outskirts of St Paul’s Bay in the bustling hamlet of Xemxija, turns 45 this year, having been a fixture of Malta’s entertainment scene for over four decades.

First opened by Godwin Cutajar in 1977, the establishment today boasts Indian and Medterranean cuisines served across its three levels, while its club facilities have entertained generations of tourists and locals alike.

Current owner Simon Cutajar took to Facebook to share photos from years gone by, eliciting a wave of support and shared memories from commentors.

Back in the late '70s, Beachaven was a hub for watersport enthusiasts, with many fondly recalling summers spent waterskiing across the bay. 

Before it was ever known as Beachaven, and before overlying levels were added as the establishment's popularity led to the extension of the building, the location was known as Fondatore. 

Originally, the place was little more than a jetty for boats. 

But it quickly became a key hub for Malta's sun-loving population. 

The indoor nightclub was also received well, with many waxing nostlagic about nights spent dancing away to the latest tunes. 

Beachaven remains one of Xemxija's main attractions, with a multitude of events organised there year-round.

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