It’s the first year since the pandemic and a lot of companies are going back to organising their Christmas events the way they did before, quite possibly bigger and better too. Therefore, you’d be wise to start planning from now, with venues likely to be booked throughout December. The added bonus to that is if you’ve got your Christmas event plans sorted early, it’s plenty of last-minute headaches avoided later on.

While it’s great that events are back on, there is a flip side to consider; Malta’s limited number of adequate venues. Thankfully, that’s where MYeventplanner can step in, take the wheel, and safely deliver your best Christmas event, from start to finish. Firstly, you’ll get a choice of venues, themes, and options that you might have never considered or even known of. They're industry experts with a rich history behind them, so you know you can trust them.

Secondly, thanks to that particular history it has got, MYeventplanner has built lasting relationships with various venues, meaning it will always get the best rates for you without sacrificing quality.

The next bit of good tidings is that MYeventplanner can plan your event at no extra cost, courtesy of its vast and diversely talented team. They’re trained to be experts in their field, so any form of event planning is done in a fraction of the time it would take a singular person, and with all due respect, achieve the best possible results.

That’s before factoring in that its network and leverage extends to the entertainment part of the industry too. If you’re looking to book an artist for your event, they can also help with that at reasonable prices. It also has a plethora of in-house equipment that can be rented out at great prices to all their clients.

All of the above and more is why so many of MYeventplanner’s clients are returning ones. If you like what you’ve read, get in touch today and book your Christmas staff event early to avoid disappointment.

You can also email or call directly at and +356 9903 6642.

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