Chief Executive Officer at Panta Lesco Group of Companies, a local leading buildings services contractor firm, Katrina Attard, did not begin her career with the intention to join the family business.

Holding a Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Management from the University of Malta, and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh, Ms Attard worked as an economist with economic advisory firm 4CAST, in London.

This changed in 2009 when she decided to join the family business, Panta Lesco Ltd. Founded by her grandfather in the 1960s, Ms Attard began her life within the company as a Business Development Manager.

“After four years, I was appointed General Manager at Panta Marketing and Services Ltd and, recently, I was named CEO Designate to the Group”.

Fast-forward two years, and, 2021 marks the start of her career leading the strategic direction of Panta Lesco as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

Panta Lesco is a building services contracting firm, predominantly specialising in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and lift installations across a wide range of market sectors.

“In essence, the company strives to adopt an engineering design to fit the client’s particular requirements, offering the smartest solutions coupled with top-quality installations and first-class maintenance practices throughout the lifetime of the installed product,” said Ms Attard.

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Katrina Attard, Chief Executive Officer Designate of Panta Lesco Ltd 

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