Throughout his managerial career, Joseph Azzopardi always strived to make a difference by being relevant to client needs while having access to quality resources.

“At Malta University Consulting Ltd,” he explains, “we provide services to industry through our access to the widest spectrum of knowledge-based resources at the University of Malta and beyond. We offer businesses a one-stop shop by bringing together experts from different disciplines to service multidisciplinary consulting and accredited training needs.”

Malta University Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of consultancy services in various sectors including scientific, technological, environmental and economic industries. In addition, it manages R&D projects, market research, national/international studies and various forms of impact analysis.

It forms part of Malta University Holding Co., which operates in the educational, research, consulting, broadcasting, hospitality, sports and leisure sectors. It is a dynamic organisation revolving around the needs of the University of Malta, students, academia and relevant fields, offering targeted solutions on different fronts.

Malta University Holding Co. is fully owned by the University of Malta.

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