In collaboration with Rocksteady Digital, The Plaza Shopping Centre is introducing a new diversity and lifestyle-focused campaign - …For every lifestyle. For every moment, promoting the best brands under one roof.

The shopping complex is launching a 70-second film, 'By Your Side', that invites people to shared moments brought to life with one ever-expansive journey, made up of many unique lifestyles.

In a seamless, five-scene movie, we travel through different personalities and lifestyles that The Plaza welcomes to unlock a borderless world, showcasing the magic that comes when people from different walks of life gather outside the shopping complex to share, converse, and ultimately build moments in their life.

While The Plaza Shopping Centre is for those on the rise, it is also for those who have already risen. There’s an inherent maturity built into who these consumers are. It is for those who have lived long enough to know and uniquely recognise the power of somebody else’s story.

It is this spirit that inspired the concept: By Your Side – an idea that celebrates the expansion of self through the continued pursuit of perspectives and encourages the shopping centre’s audience to invite new ideas, beliefs, and stories into their lives.


From the 1960s Ford Mustang to Urban Culture, this new film begins to introduce our audience to the endless moments and opportunities you may find after having experienced The Plaza Shopping Centre, and, quite simply, knowing, they are always by your side.


The Plaza is Malta's first shopping mall which opened in 1993 and is still welcoming people today. It boasts a range of retail outlets, eateries, and more over four floors.

The Plaza was the first local “one-stop shopping” experience in Malta, and it is now a staple in the heart of Sliema’s shopping district – an exceptionally vibrant and sought-after area, delightfully positioned next to the sea.


The Plaza's ability to adapt and change according to the evolving needs of its customers has allowed it to happily keep welcoming customers for the past 27 years.

Visit The Plaza Shopping Centre here.

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