Smartphones, household electrical appliances, computers, radio and television. All of these rely on radio spectrum to operate – and the list continues to grow with more and more devices going online.

This phenomenon, according to the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), “demands for robust and fast networks that support these emerging communications needs.”

5G is the latest Generation of mobile communications. It builds on the services offered by its predecessor, namely 4G, and promises faster speeds.

It is a technology that many, including the experts at the MCA, believe has the potential to further redefine how we perceive the concept of connectivity, incorporating everything from smart wearables and connected cars to parking sensors, unmanned drones, and intelligent traffic systems.

‘Paving the way for successful 5G deployment’ – MCA

5G is already in operation in parts of the world today, and it is not expected to be long now before the technology is launched in Malta as well. 

As such, the MCA has identified the timely and successful roll-out of 5G technology as a top priority within its spectrum policy and management programme.

“The Authority is endeavoured to continue monitoring and assessing mobile networks and their deployments so as to ensure their effective and safe usage,” it comments.

As part of this commitment, the MCA says it continuously audits these networks to confirm their compliance with stipulated standards.

In the past, the MCA published a lightweight test and trial licensing framework to offer interested stakeholders the opportunity to test their technologies. This process is continuously monitored by the MCA to ensure full compliance with the obligations associated with this type of license, the Authority explains.

Indeed, the MCA has identified that the latter is now also being embraced by some mobile network service providers to test their upcoming 5G services. To complement all this, in the last month, the Authority issued a decision for the licensing of additional spectrum in frequency ranges that also facilitate 5G technology.  

“Throughout the years, the MCA has persistently sought to maximise the potentials of the radio spectrum available in Malta and 5G will not be an exception to this,” the MCA promises.

“The Authority will continue to work vigilantly to promote the flourishing of technology whilst, simultaneously, warranting peace of mind to the consumer,” it concludes.

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