Have you ever wondered how Malta gets its fresh flowers, from Holland, every other day? Behind every tulip there is a sizeable army of dedicated professionals who work hard to guarantee the timely delivery of anything imaginable to and from the island.

In fact, anyone who’s ever had to order even the smallest object online knows what an issue postage and delivery to and from Malta can be. Since 1947, however, BAS Malta Ltd has been helping businesses and private individuals get their supplies delivered, on time. “Our core strength is really understanding what it takes to provide our customers with excellent service. Once this is done, then it’s a matter of joining the dots,” says Mario Debono, General Manager at BAS Malta.

‘Our strength is really understanding what it takes to provide our customers with an excellent service’

Mr Debono is a seasoned professional in the shipping industry. He joined the company when he was just 21 and rose through the ranks with hard work and dedication.

“What draws me most to this line of work is that one day is never like the next. The requests we get are so immensely diverse, and this keeps matters interesting,” Mr Debono notes.

BAS Malta is one of the country’s leading brands in the field of cargo transport, providing solutions for land, sea and airfreight for any situation. Its specialisation in air transport, especially through long-term collaboration with world renowned DHL Global Forwarding, guarantees timely and effective delivery of goods, for unparalleled peace of mind.

“I can confidently say that our core strength nowadays is air freight as we have invested generously in this area. Being the local leaders in this field means that we can provide the necessary guarantees to customers that their goods are being delivered on time, and with all the specifications required.”

In fact, BAS Malta transports all kinds of cargo, including delicate goods such as pharmaceuticals which require very specific conditions pertaining to temperature and other requirements to ascertain their sound delivery.

“Transporting pharmaceuticals is a very serious endeavour. Many times, our cargo holds life-saving medical goods that would make all the difference to a patient. This naturally burdens us with great responsibility, however our long experience in the field, supplemented by our continuous training and investment in our teams gives us the necessary confidence to deliver, each time,” Mr Debono explains.

BAS Malta’s collaboration with DHL makes them the exclusive providers of a solution called Thermonet which specialises in the transportation of temperature-controlled shipments for the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Adding BAS’ Good Delivery Practice (GDP) certification to the mix, guarantees the professional service.

Apart from the company’s list of off-the-shelf services, BAS Malta also provides bespoke solutions for any situation a customer might need help with. Their flexibility and knowledge of the field allows them to come up with the most efficient solutions.

Having organised all the logistical and intricacies required to transport exotic animals, such as elephants, parrots and tigers, for the filming of Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator back in 1998 in Malta, Mr Debono is convinced that BAS is ready to accede to any request.


“Often customers won’t realise what goes into delivering a package from point A to point B! Sometimes the mere complexity of combining travel arrangements, crossing borders, differences in certification and other variables is awe-inspiring. Naturally we are constantly dedicated to providing an excellent service, as that is what matters ultimately,” he adds.

BAS Malta Ltd also makes use of a software called Lifetrack which enables employees as well as customers with the possibility of following their goods throughout its journey.

“We are aware that the goods we transport are very important to our customers, so we go the extra mile to provide the necessary comfort. For this purpose, we are constantly adopting new technologies and putting innovative systems in place to make sure that our service remains the market leader.”

Asked about the biggest challenges in the field, Mr Debono says that identifying the right human resources to fill the growing needs is proving to be problematic, similar to many players in other servicing industries.

“We are seeing great opportunities for growth, as the world becomes increasingly connected. I appeal to young people to consider a very rewarding career in cargo transport, as it comes with  great opportunities for growth and self-fulfilment,” Mr Debono concludes.

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