In September 2021, the first Lipsy London outlet in Malta finally opened its doors at the Pama Mall, after a process overseen by Malta franchise holder Camilleri Group.

However, while the outlet has been open since July, its official opening was delayed, but finally took place earlier this week, coinciding with the launch of the service, in aid of The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

The opening was attended by Damian Hopkins, Founder and CEO of Select Licensing, which facilitates international licensing of the company.

He took to social media to celebrate the success of the opening, as well as the limited resumption of business as usual, noting the trip to Malta was his first overseas venture in 20 months.

From his perspective, the opening has so far been a success, wth the brand’s Malta franchise partners having created a “fantastic store in every detail, in record time” and are already recording “amazing sales too.”

The new store, a popular international women’s wear retailer, was one of a number of new outlets to open up in Pama this year, with a MANGO store and Accessories Kiosk also being established there.

According to Mr Hopkins, even Maltese President George Vella came to take a look at the official launch this week.

“Well done to the amazing Camilleri Team in Malta and the fantastic Lipsy London team for turning this around so quickly,” Mr Hopkins added.

Main Image:

LinkedIn/ Damian Hopkins

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