Nikki Micallef Grimaud on Monday announced that she will be starting a new position as Senior Brand Manager at CassarCamilleri Ltd.

Ms Micallef Grimaud has worked in sales and marketing since 2018. Commenting on the appointment through a social media announcement, she said:

“Looking forward to this journey, to new colleagues and getting to know my team, perhaps over a glass of wine.”

CassarCamilleri Ltd. is a joint venture between premium wine producers Marsovin and local liqueur producer Master Group with both companies being established way back in 1919 and 1947 respectively.

The company prides itself in producing a variety of over 60 wines under two different wine houses, namely Marsovin and Camilleri Wines.

Good luck to Nikki on this next adventure!


Main Image:

Nikki Micallef Grimaud / LinkedIn Photo

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