Seven Directors were automatically reappointed to the Board of Midi plc without the need for an election since there were eight vacancies.

Midi said in a company announcement eight valid nominations were received in response to a call for the nomination of persons to be appointed directors. One of the nominations was subsequently withdrawn, the company said though it did not give any details.

The seven nominees being reappointed are Joseph Bonello, Joseph Mary Gatt, Alan Mizzi, Joseph Said, David G. Curmi, Joseph A. Gasan and Alec A. Mizzi.

According to the Midi website, Dr Mizzi is Chairman of the present Board, which, apart from the reappointed Directors, also included David Demarco and Mark Andrew Weingard.

Mr Weingard will be retiring from office at the Annual General Meeting, which will be held remotely on 1st October, and is not seeking re-election.

Midi plc was set up in 1992 after the Government issued an international call for the redevelopment of Tigné Point and Manoel Island. A number of Malta’s leading business enterprises and institutions own stakes in the company.

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