“We have always felt that this is a profession, because indeed it requires a lot of expertise,” says Steve Mercieca, CEO of Quicklets and Zanzi Homes. “Having a licensing process based on an educational qualification gives it that little bit more professionalism, which we welcome.”

Commenting to WhosWho.mt about the announcement last week of a new law that will soon come into force on the licensing of real estate agents, brokers and consultants, Mr Mercieca believes that it will allow for all players in the industry to operate from a level playing field.

“There are many people just working online or on What’s App without a website or public listings. These people are completely unregulated and never investigated, not to mention have zero training in the industry of real estate.”

Mr Mercieca believes one of the biggest benefits of the law is linked to the long-needed recognition the profession deserves. “Often, people felt this was a casual job to apply for to make quick and easy money, but people who actually succeed in it know the amount of hard work and dedication it requires.”

Having agents in possession of a license, he adds, “will help us put our message across to the public who are looking to engage us as well as those considering joining us. It is the stamp we were looking for to acknowledge our efforts and professionalism.”

The CEO says his company has been involved in the process of drafting the bill from its early days, and since the initial drafts, he is happy to see that their concerns have been listened to.

As for where it stands to be improved, Mr Mercieca says “We are often challenged about our fees and we feel this bill should address this matter, especially in instances where we work tirelessly on certain deals which end up falling through due to reasons outside of our control.”

“We also feel the bill should be backed up by a national code of ethics for all estate agents and property brokers to continuously improve the industry's standards and the service we deliver to the public.”   

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