Jamie Hayes, a Maltese musician and recording industry professional living and working in London, has been appointed Content Marketing Manager at the famous Abbey Road Studios with industry giant Universal Music Group, in what he described as a “full-circle moment”.

Abbey Road Studios is among the most famous recording studios in the world thanks to legendary British pop band The Beatles’ association with it, going as far as to title their 1969 and final album Abbey Road, featuring the iconic cover of them walking in single file across a zebra crossing on the road, without any text.

The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover

Then-named EMI Studios, it was renamed Abbey Road Studios in honour of the incredible cultural impact of the album.

Since then, Abbey Road Studios has welcomed artists like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Kanye West, and served as a creative hub where film scores like those of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Black Panther were recorded.

The studios’ “huge cultural importance” was officially recognised when it was designated a Grade II-listed building by the UK Government in 2010 following concerns it may be turned into a housing development.

Abbey Road Studios today

Sharing the “mega news” of his appointment on Facebook, Mr Hayes said that The Beatles’ Abbey Road “ignited my entire passion for music and piqued my initial interest in pursuing a career within the music industry so this really is a full-circle moment for me”, adding that he is “absoluted honoured and privileged to have been granted this opportunity”.

“It feels like only yesterday I landed on British soil as a naive 19-year-old kid with no return flight and a head full of dreams, little did I know about the journey ahead. I’m really looking forward to joining the team there later this year and being a part of the studio's 91-year legacy, playing a part in shaping its future,” he said.

He thanked ACM Guildford and Metropolis Studios, where he currently works as Content Mnager, supporting the overall strategic focus of the company's marketing and digital platforms, saying he will “forever cherish” the time he spent at the company as both employee and student.

Mr Hayes extended special thanks to Oliver Laurent Sussat and Richard Connell, saying they felt more like mentors than line managers.

“They always empowered me to step up to the plate and I am forever grateful for the lessons and embodied knowledge they instilled in me, some of which I will carry with me throughout the entirety of my professional career but also, the entrustment they placed in me for both the ACM and Metropolis brands - I truly wouldn't be where I am today without them.”

During an interview given in 2019, Mr Hayes, who left Malta around six years ago, said that he feels “more connected than ever” to the local music scene.

“Malta is where I fell in love with my craft and I’ve received so much support from the Maltese music community since I left,” he said. “Sadly, for original and alternative artists, there is little opportunity for success unless they leave. The UK is where I feel that I truly honed my craft.”

He added that “once I reach where I want to be in my career, one of my biggest goals is to actually help expand the Maltese music scene,” saying it is “thriving with talent”.

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Jamie Hayes. Photo by Olly Wiggins.

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