On Sunday, Robert Fenech, Group Human Resources Director at AirX Charter announced that he will be leaving to company to "embark on a new chapter."

Sharing the news on LinkedIn, Mr Fenech said that his time at AirX Charter was an incredible journey with many cherished experiences “that steered accomplishment.”

When contacted by WhosWho.mt, Mr Fenech confirmed that he will now be holding the role of Chief People and Culture Officer at KM Malta Airlines, Malta's new national airline that will officially replace Air Malta on 31st March 2024.

AirX Charter is a private jet operator in Europe with a diversified fleet, offering bespoke service to its customers. The company has offices in Malta and the UK, combining years of aviation knowledge and experience.

“Whilst it is difficult to express the feeling of bidding farewell, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most experienced people within the aviation industry,” Mr Fenech said in his post. 

He joined the company in 2016 as an HR and Payroll specialist. In 2017, he was promoted to Head of Human Resources, holding the role for four years until his latest promotion to Group Human Resources Director.

Whilst having experience being self-employed in the hospitality industry, Mr Fenech worked as HR Administrator in the manufacturing industry as well as an HR Quality Mark Auditor with FHRD, a role he holds to this day.

Mr Fenech has a Bachelors (Hons) degree in International Relations and European Affairs in addition to a Master of Science in HR Management.

He stated that he is excited to be venturing into his new role at KM Malta Airlines. He added that going into this new project, the team's efforts are to "have an engaged workforce based on professional HR services that are composed of digital, transparent, and efficient means for enhancing organisational and employee productivity."

Mr Fenech expressed his belief that companies should hold three elements to contribute a positive employee experience: “train them, take care of them and trust them.”

To maintain an engaged workforce, he explained, one should evaluate how employee mindsets evolved.

“Organisations are looking at incorporating a productive workplace that supports empowerment of its workforce by addressing elements of job satisfaction,” he said.

In addition, he elaborated that performance management, a culture that promotes creativity and clear communication are all aspects that affect employee experience. Therefore, he believes that it is imperative to maintain competitive advantage and a cutting edge in a highly demanding market to ensure an organisational culture transpires employee engagement.

Ultimately, he adds, the most valuable human resource for an organisation are employees.

Mr Fenech remarks that his mission is to foster a culture of engagement, excellence, and diversity by providing the best HR practices, policies, and programmes.

“I believe that investing in our employees is the key to developing our workforce. I am always looking for new ways to enhance the employee experience, satisfaction, and retention, as well as to attract and develop top talent in the industry,” he commented.

Wrapping up his thoughts, Mr Fenech stated that his knowledge and experience throughout the past eight years within the aviation industry have led him to believe that there is “exponential room” to discover more talent and elevate further opportunities for future generations.

“This aspect entices me to keep contributing to our ever-growing industry in Malta,” he concluded.

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Robert Fenech / LinkedIn

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