The automotive industry’s latest sights are on the electrification of today’s global vehicle fleets. This capability is the new hallmark for top automotive manufacturers. Indeed, there is a large push across the entire sector to continue improving current private means of transportation, in favour of vehicles that allow for improved air quality, thus improving the quality of life in highly urbanised areas.

Mercedes-Benz, a prime mover in the sector, has its own range of all-electric vehicle models. Touted for having that distinct quality that only a make of this calibre can enjoy, the models are pleasing to the eye, and carry the reputation of solid manufacturing. Indeed, Mercedes-Benz has been including electric vehicles within its range for more than a decade. And, sifting through the history of the automotive world, its heritage in this area of engineering goes much further than that.

Among the range of electric vehicles bearing the Mercedes star, the EQE model is considered as the most appealing to the senses, combining elegance with performance.  It comes in what the automaker calls the 'one-bow design’, making the car model highly attractive.

In various ways, this model can be seen to be inspired by the Mercedes-Benz E class, in terms of fusing the latest technology and timeless design. Indeed, a recent facelift of that model continues to be a head-turner on Maltese roads.   


As the EQ line-up continues to expand, the EQE is positioned to be a key model of the manufacturer’s commitment to the electric vehicle segment, while steadfastly maintaining the luxury standards and driving experience that the iconic brand is so well-known for across the globe. Mercedes-Benz considers the EQE as “an embodiment of opulence, innovation, and eco-conscious engineering”.

As would be expected from a car in this category, on the inside a great level of attention is afforded to the occupants. Ambient lighting and a 3D high-end sound system as well as an ergonomic design with touches of real wood create an inviting environment. The material used throughout, while functional, upholds that luxurious feel.

And spanning across the dashboard, Mercedes-Benz’s optional MBUX Hyperscreen immediately draws attention as the showpiece within the car. It serves as a form of nerve centre for the vehicle, impressive to look at while exuding the intelligence underneath. With substantial computing power behind this large screen, along with the customary instrumentation it also integrates infotainment channels as well as assistance powered by artificial intelligence (AI), all on one panel. Mercedes-Benz places strong emphasis on the features being user-friendly while also highly performative, with this seamless integration characterised as “zero-layer”.

For the EQE, it provides all-round information to enhance the experience of driving an electric vehicle. For this specific purpose, the AI-powered assistance calculates the various factors coming into play, while also signalling charging station availability ahead among other functions along the trip. One particularly helpful feature is a prompt which indicates the maximum speed that can be applied to reach a destination. Furthermore, a cockpit feel is enhanced further with the option of having the so-called ‘Head-up Display’ on the windscreen.

The MUBX Hyperscreen multimedia system can also level up options, especially for the front-passenger, delivering entertainment channels while shielding the driver from distractions. Whether it is navigation, connectivity and more, the system is geared towards giving its users a pleasant experience in a luxury environment.

External features of the car include flush-fitting door handles. The light band, increasingly popular for electric vehicles, is placed at the rear of the EQE. Parking and mirror packages are also available.

For a vehicle, looks alone are not enough. And anyone in the market for a Mercedes-Benz knows this too well.  Beneath the hood, a sophisticated electric drivetrain transfers power and efficiency to the EQE. The car’s range, that all-important headline figure for electric vehicles, is indicated at up to 620km (WLTP), covering long journeys as well as the daily trips. Speaking of long journeys, the spacious luggage compartment holds a volume of 430L.

The EQE has a low centre of gravity, also thanks to the strategically positioned battery. This results in better cornering stability and enhanced handling. The model has an aerodynamic design and the rapid torque delivery inherent to electric vehicles translates into swift acceleration.

Semi-autonomous driving capabilities are made possible given the wide range of advanced driver assistance systems integrated within the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz EQE has also been given a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP. The manufacturer holds that “safety and innovation are cornerstones of the EQE’s design”, with Mercedes-Benz continuing its “pursuit of a safer and more convenient future on the roads”.

For Mercedes-Benz, the EQE “represents a harmonious fusion of opulence, performance, and electrification”. This model, together with others in the manufacturer’s range of electric vehicles, makes clear that the iconic brand has taken up the gauntlet of adapting towards more conscious ways of travel while still presenting the refined luxury it is well renowned for.  With the EQE, Mercedes-Benz ushers its customers “to embrace a new era of automotive excellence.”

Interested in having a closer look at the Mercedes-Benz EQE and seeing for yourself this elegant piece of engineering? A visit to the Mercedes-Benz showroom at Mosta Road, Lija makes it possible. Alternatively, you can start with an online browse on this website and get a glimpse of the EQE.  

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