Epic has started the rollout of its Fibre Network of the Future by launching 2000 Mbps internet in Mosta, which it hails as “a bold step toward Malta’s Gigabit Society”.

Making the announcement during a press conference on Tuesday attended by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri and Malta Communications Authority CEO Jesmond Bugeja, Epic says the rollout represents it delivering on its “Great Network, Great Value” promise.

Epic CEO Tamas Banyai said: “Over the past year, Epic’s team has been on an exciting journey designing and creating a superior internet experience which opens doors to a truly Gigabit society, where high-speed broadband in homes and offices is not a privilege but a norm”.

“Epic believes that strong connectivity which is accessible to everyone is fundamental for the country’s competitiveness and growth, and today is a milestone for Malta as Epic makes the Fibre of the Future available in Mosta”, he added.

Additionally, the network says it is proving to be a key enabler for Malta to move towards a so-called Gigabit Society, and that the launch makes unparalleled, 2000 Mbps speeds available at unrivalled value.

Epic also says it “wants to take a bold step to accelerate take-up of Gigabit speeds. The company will do so by offering 20 times faster speeds than a basic 100 Mbps fibre internet connection available in the market today”.

“This is also double the top speed from other broadband providers. The new Epic 2000Mbps service is as affordable as the price of a basic connection on the market, starting from €24.99 per month. For business customers, Epic is launching a special package with double the upload speeds and Dedicated Business Support”, the company adds.

During the press conference, Epic, with the help of the Under 16 National Road Race Champion Sean Enriquez, a member of the Mosta Cycling Club, showcased the power of 2000Mbps speed.

With these speeds, it claims that consumers can download a 5GB file, the equivalent of over five hours of Netflix movie streaming, in under 60 seconds whereas a similar download on a previous generation technology would take almost half an hour.

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