SEM - Servizzi Ewropej f'Malta


Public Entity
Public Entity


280, Republic Street, Valletta, VLT 1112

35.897679, 14.511632

Business Profile

Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM) is Malta’s national help desk, providing assistance in relation to EU funding opportunities.

The functions of the agency reflect its mission to make it easier for citizens and organisations to reap the benefits of EU membership through support from EU funds.

At SEM, we are committed to inform individuals and organisations about the latest EU funding opportunities in an understandable manner. We provide personalised assistance to organisations in the development of a competitive project application from concept to submission. However, the role of SEM does not stop with the submission of the application. In fact, successful applicants can also avail themselves of the help desk to get assistance in relation to issues or challenges emanating as part of the implementation of the project.

Access to EU funds hinges on strong communication and outreach. In this regard, various communication and outreach campaigns are undertaken by SEM during the year with the objective to promote and inform relevant organisations about EU-funded opportunities.

SEM also hosts an EU-information centre – Europe Direct Valletta – supported by the European Commission - which aims to engage with citizens on EU-related topics at local and regional level, with the mission to provide EU citizens with information about the EU, referring them to specialised information services and signposting to other services and networks.

Official Partners

  • Trade Malta
  • Fino
  • GO Business
  • Imovo
  • Malta Enterprise
  • WFDM
  • St James Hospital
  • Dea Aesthetics
  • Intercomp
  • European Commission
  • Malta Business Registry
  • CF Estates
  • Agilis
  • ICON
  • Agora
  • Bureau Vallee
  • Apex Group Ltd
  • Exereco
  • Arkafort
  • Excel Homes
  • Lidion Bank
  • Melita Marine
  • TNT
  • Sparkasse Bank
  • Dimech Enterprises
  • Laferla
  • FCM Bank
  • Hi-Care Services