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Business Profile

BizAv Services Ltd was set up in 2008 to provide technical support to the aviation sector in Malta. With the first Aircraft Aviation Act still in draft form, three experienced aviation professionals with expertise in different areas of aircraft operations saw the need to offer technical services that were necessary for the sustainable growth of Malta’s aviation sector. Malta is today a major global player in the aviation services sector with BizAv Services Ltd proud to have played a most important role in pioneering the development and growth of this important sector for the Maltese and European economy.

An applicant for an EASA Air Operator Certificate, or AOC, will need to adopt a total system approach when developing and integrating the various management systems required for airlines or business jets to operate. BizAv Service Ltd project manages and coordinates the development of essential aviation systems that concern flight operations, crew and airline management training, ground operations and continuing airworthiness or aircraft maintenance.

Key persons such as the Accountable Manager and Nominated Persons are supported in their regulatory roles through compliance monitoring, quality audits and safety management systems which BizAv offers its clients.

Operations manuals and related documentation are the basis for the civil aviation authority to assess the processes and procedures to be applied by an AOC holder. Aircraft registration and the issue of an Air Operator Licence also require preparation of technical details and an aircraft survey of equipment.

Professional recruitment support for employment of key aviation personnel and crew, together with good HR management, is crucial to having a successful airline team in place and ready for take-off.

BizAv Services Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation, is based in Malta and is today Europe’s leading aviation consultancy firm. It is there to support clients in providing the services they need for their aviation success.

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