PTL can trace its roots back to 1946 where the company was one of the first family-owned businesses set up during the rebuilding that followed the Second World War in Malta.

Acknowledging the importance and potential of the technology industry, in 1981, PTL shifted focus towards this emerging market, quickly turning into a recognised name for expertise and quality. In 2012, the family-owned business was acquired by Hili Ventures, now forming part of the technology division Harvest.

Fast forward to the present day, over seventy years later; PTL strives to ensure the qualities brought about by the family business remain central to company culture, while also including corporate ones.

"Despite being a significant player in the industry, our interactions are based on integrity and earned trust through partnerships, rather than merely viewing them as commercial transactions.

"At PTL we strive to be innovative in providing end-to-end solutions, across the different industries we focus on which include Banking and Financial services, Public Sector, Wholesale, Retail and Distribution, to name a few."

Critical to the success of the company has always been having a specialized and diversified workforce; currently this is a mix of around seventy highly skilled engineers, software developers and business consultants, motivated individuals who come together as a team.

Head of Business Development: Christopher Demicoli

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