Set up on 1st January 2001, the Malta Communications Authority is a statutory body responsible for the regulation of the various electronic communications sectors, including fixed and mobile telephony, internet and TV distribution services. It also regulates the postal service and the e-commerce sector and administers the Web Accessibility Directive.

Its mission is to promote and safeguard sustainable competition, customer choice and value for money in the electronic communications, e-commerce and postal sectors as well as to facilitate the development of an environment conducive to investment, innovation, social inclusion and economic growth.

The mission statement reflects the Malta Communications Authority’s commitment to bring forward all forms of communication under its legal mandate, given also that all of them constitute inter-related parts of the same ecosystem.

Its 12 strategic objectives are reviewed on an annual basis and fine-tuned or changed, if necessary, to maintain full consistency and currency with its mission and mandate within the context of the fast-changing environment in which it operates.

It aims to ensure the provision of products and services, based on the latest innovative technologies, at the right price and of the highest quality to consumers. On the business side, it seeks to ensure an environment that is conducive to sustainable competition and investment, through a forward-looking regulatory framework that adequately caters for the growing demands of the future.

Chief Executive Officer: Jesmond Bugeja

Chief of Operations: Ian Agius

Chief Officer – Spectrum Management & Technology: Antoine Sciberras

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