Epic is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Malta and Cyprus. It provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony, internet and specialised ICT business solutions.

In Malta, Epic Telecommunications Ltd has its own network of sales points, operating eight stores all over the island with technology products, accessories and telecommunication solutions. The company employs over 300 professionals, all with vast knowledge and expertise in the field of telecommunications and technology.

By offering a great network at great value, in 2021 the company announced a €40 million investment to build the strongest network ever, providing its 250,000 customers with wider coverage wherever they are, superfast speeds and technology which is generations ahead, ensuring a quantum leap into Malta’s digital future to help businesses and consumers unlock their full potential. The announcement complements the launch of Malta’s fastest fibre network with download speeds reaching 2000Mbps earlier in the same year.

Epic belongs to Monaco Telecom and is a member of a dynamic European telecoms family, which comprises telecom providers operating in France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Monaco and Malta.

Chief Commercial Officer: Marcel Grech Mallia

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