The Nationalist Party has announced Party Leader Bernard Grech's first reshuffle since being elected over three months ago, after days of sometimes contentious talks. 

There have been several changes at the top with David Thake losing the environmental portfolio in favour of Robert Cutajar. 

Therese Comodini Cachia has been made responsible for human rights, good governance and rule of law, while Karol Aquilina takes over from Jason Azzopardi as spokesperson for justice. Dr Azzopardi has been given the jobs, training, competitiveness and industrial relations portfolio.

Meanwhile, Claudio Grech has been tasked with party political transformation and innovation.

However, many roles are unchanged: Beppe Fenech Adami retains responsibility for home affairs, Mario de Marco for finance, Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici for foreign affairs, Robert Arrigo for tourism, and Stephen Spiteri for health.

The new Shadow Cabinet is as follows:

Leader of the Opposition: Bernard Grech

Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs and Spokesperson on Inclusion and Quality of Life: David Agius

Deputy Leader for Party Affairs and Spokesperson on Tourism: Robert Arrigo 

Whip and Spokesperson on Environment and Climate Change: Robert Cutajar

Parliamentary Group Secretary and Spokesperson on Justice: Karol Aquilina

Deputy Whip and Spokesperson for European Funds and Voluntary Organisations: Kevin Cutajar

Deputy Whip and Spokesperson for Local Government, National Heritage and Youth: Karl Gouder

Deputy Speaker and Spokesperson for Social Policy and Family: Claudette Buttigieg

Spokesperson for Work, Training, Competitivity and Enterprise: Jason Azzopardi

Spokesperson for Social and Affordable Accommodation and the Fight againat Poverty: Ivan Bartolo

Spokesperson for Transport and Infrastructure: Anthony Bezzina

Spokesperson for Water and Energy Policy and Sustainable Development: Ryan Callus

Spokesperson for Human Rights and Good Governance: Therese Comodini Cachia

Spokesperson for Finance and Air Malta: Mario De Marco

Spokesperson for Economic Development and Industry: Kristy Debono

Spokesperson for the Aging and Community Care: Mario Deguara

Spokesperson for Constitutional Reform, Social Dialogue and National Broadcasting: Joseph Ellis

Spokesperson for Internal Affaris, National Security and Citizenship: Beppe Fenech Adami

Spokesperson for Mental Health and Animal Rights: Mario Galea

Spokesperson for Political Renewal, Research and Innovation: Claudio Grech

Spokesperson for Foreign and European Affairs: Karm Mifsud Bonnici

Spokesperson for Education and Sport: Clyde Puli

Spokesperson for Gozo: Chris Said

Spokesperson for Planning and the Construction Industry: Hermann Schiavone

Spokesperson for Health and Pandemic Response: Stephen Spiteri

Spokesperson for the Green Economy and Capital Projects: David Thake

Spokesperson for Agriculture, Fisheries and Small Business: Edwin Vassallo

Adrian Delia chose not to have a shadow portfolio.

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