Fabio Muscat was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2016 having joined the business founded by his father as a clerk and eventually fulfilling different roles including in administrative and leadership positions.

“As a second generation member and CEO of the successful family run business, my responsibility is to oversee and effectively manage over 3,500 employees across eight companies within the group while ensuring we remain innovative, tapping in new niches and being market leaders in the industry,” he says.

A graduate of the Cambridge International College, Mr Muscat’s values are rooted in the culture of having a personal touch with clients, quality that exceeds expectations and the importance of appreciating employees.

He strives to bring to the boardroom table a fresh outlook on modern business trends having a passion for brands.

Founded in 1996, the Ozo Group is an award-winning group of companies that specialises in the outsourcing and services industries. It grew exponentially since its early humble beginnings, but its commitment to clients, employees and society is still unchanged, remaining loyal to the family values that have made it successful.

Over the years, it added many services to its list including outsourcing personnel to the hospitality, care, manufacturing and security industries, and specialised cleaning services for aircraft and hospitals, among others.

In 2016, the group was mentioned in a landmark research conducted by the London Stock Exchange as being among the 1,000 companies to inspire Europe. It has been a full member of the London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE programme since November 2018, being the first and only Maltese business to achieve the coveted certification.

Get in touch: fmuscat@ozogroup.com

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