Vastly experienced Talent Advisor Fran Moisa has shared six solid tips smaller firms can employ to meet their compliance professional needs in an environment where demand is outstripping supply, and the cost of hiring such professionals is ballooning.

In a detailed post on Monday, she noted that "demand is not slowing down" and provided meaningful solutions to firms that find themselves in difficulty.

She pointed out that through anti-money laundering training and succession program sessions, firms, no matter the size, are able to face the problem of lower supply in compliance professions from within the business itself.

Ms Moisa added that forming a detailed graduate program specifically aimed at the first, second and even the third line of operations, is important, especially if the firm is a relatively large one.

“Training combined with experience is crucial, but one must start somewhere,” she said.

She continued by saying that partnering with a “reputable educational institute for continuous professional development and access grants for training and retraining your workforce” is one of the tips smaller firms should get on board with, along with conducting regular inhouse training, “especially in tandem with regulatory authorities”.

Additionally, it is integral for firms to anticipate upcoming developments, and afterwards either train or re-train its employees for it internally, which is also aided by proper investment in technology.

With around 15 years of experience in headhunting working for several firms such as FM Search, Elite Career Consultants and Blayze Group, as well as in self-employed positions, Ms Moisa is a prominent figure when it comes to talent advisory services in Malta.

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