Nicola Mallia

Executive Director

Triton Capital Markets Ltd (Brand: FXDD)


Triton Capital Markets Ltd (Brand: FXDD)


"Become the most passionate person you know. It’ll be contagious"

Business Profile

I joined Triton Capital Markets Ltd as the Head of Legal and Compliance in 2016. Later that year, I was appointed to the Board of Directors as an executive director. I currently manage a dynamic and multi-cultural team of 18 professionals from all over the globe. Together with my team, I have lead the company to increase its profit margin notwithstanding the tough global and regulatory environment in which the Company operates. My main aim for the next year is to work towards ensuring that Triton Capital Markets Ltd becomes one of the best employers on the island, offering a professional, interesting and career building opportunity to individuals who are willing to work hard.

Business Activities

  • Fenech & Fenech Advocates
  • Triton Capital Markets Ltd


  • Senior Associate, Fenech & Fenech Advocates


  • 2001: Doctor of laws
  • 2003: Magister Juris in Comparative and EU Law


Official Partners

  • GO
  • PTL
  • trade
  • HSBC
  • Edwards Lowell
  • Ozo Group