Corporate leaders are increasingly being expected to go beyond traditional CSR and sustainability reporting to address more pressing concerns. Analysts in fact envisage that over the coming months, ESG (environmental, social and governance) management is going to seek more transparency and information for better and more informed business decisions.

It is within this context that business advisory firm NOUV has just appointed Daniel Bilocca as its Risk and Compliance Director.

Mr Bilocca joins NOUV following a number of years at KSi Malta and previously HSBC Bank Malta plc, and will be leading NOUV’s risk and compliance department which is flourishing exponentially in line with the firm's proposition.

“Risk and compliance procedures have always been crucial within an industry that thrives on trust and confidence and the current scenario is also exerting a lot more pressure on the financial and professional services sector to operate more transparently to restore its reputation,” says Mark Aquilina, NOUV’s Founding Partner.

“At NOUV we have always advocated in favour of stronger and more effective AML procedures and more importantly, for increased knowledge across the industry.

NOUV's compliance team also grew exponentially over the past months and while remaining abreast with the constant changes in legislation is important, our duty and responsibility as financial practitioners and advisors is to ensure we have a strong risk and compliance team. This is what led us to enhance our Risk and Compliance activity through Daniel’s appointment.

“Daniel brings with him a wealth of experience and his input will contribute the right guidance and support that will help us navigate the intricate compliance and AML procedures,” added Mr Aqulina.

For the last five years, Mr Bilocca has occupied various senior roles related to Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance and Risk Management reporting to various committee members at board level.

His roles both at HSBC Bank Malta and KSi Malta respectively, have helped him extend his skillset, garnering experience and delivering more value.

Having been instrumental in drafting numerous internal policies pertaining to AML and Risk, Mr Bilocca is today regarded as a foremost professional in his field.

With enhanced supervision across Europe and more recently, with the implementation of PSD2 and the sixth EU AML directive coming into play, he has been responsible for the delivery of a vast array of projects and invited to participate in local and international panel discussions, conferences and summits, on subjects related to Blockchain, Risk Management and Compliance.

Besides his ICA qualification, Mr Bilocca holds a Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing and was one of the first in Malta to qualify in the ‘Introduction to the Virtual Financial Assets Act’ course. More recently he has successfully completed a Higher Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

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