Pre-COVID, a global shift towards health and wellness was already growing, however, since the pandemic’s ever-present impact on the world, living a healthy and active lifestyle has become top on the agenda for many.

Enter Sara Borg, a nutritional therapist offering personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to a wide range of clients through her business, Balance.

Her self-stated mission “is to spread positivity around living a healthier lifestyle,” while also helping “clients to understand what is really going on with their bodies and how [they] can bounce back and feel great again”.

Sara originally worked in marketing, however the experience was short-lived, as she soon realised that working in front of a computer was not the right path for her.

Moving on, she followed her mother’s footsteps and went on to study anatomy and physiology, beauty, and body therapy, which allowed her to work in her family’s day spa in Naxxar for seven years.

“I met some wonderful clients, who I’m still lucky enough to work with today,” she shares.

Sara’s time at Heaven spa was foundational to gaining knowledge about “building therapeutic relationships with clients, managing a business and diving into the fascinating ways in which our bodies work,” she adds.

Her curiosity and interest in the world of wellness led her to further her studies at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, in London.

“I always had a special interest in nutrition and how the food that we choose to eat can make us feel on so many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Having dealt with her own “hormonal rollercoaster and digestive issues” further shaped Sara’s ability to connect with clients as they progress along their journey to health.

Never one to rest on her laurels, the highly charismatic nutritional therapist continues to further her knowledge through extensive research and courses, believing that the learning never ends.

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Balance's Sara Borg / Image by Bulletproof

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