PsyPotential is committed to enriching organisations by providing opportunities for deep personal and professional growth as well as exploring and tapping into people’s strengths to actualise their potential. It serves as a partner for leaders who truly value their people, invest in their development and care for their well-being.

It is a mission-driven company that places purpose as its top priority. The company’s purpose is to develop people, especially leaders, to create organisational cultures where people thrive and reach their maximum potential and fulfilment.

Its experienced team of professionals developed and delivered cutting-edge, bespoke solutions in human factors to multiple cross-industry businesses. They enable leaders to shape the future of their organisations by taking on challenges and opportunities brought about by the accelerated technological, social and economic change.


PsyPotential Team

PsyPotential’s comprehensive range of services falls under five main categories that complement each other to provide a holistic reference point for all aspects of people and culture. These are: organisational and human resources consultancy; coaching and mentoring; leadership development and training in various areas of human factors; psychometric testing and personality profiling; and corporate wellness programmes.psychometric.

Its team of professionals have a strong psychological background. This is one of its core strengths that makes the company more effective in a world where work is becoming increasingly psychologically complex.

The company provides customised solutions that address clients’ needs after deeply understanding who they are and what challenges they encounter. It creates long-term partnerships, providing clients with a consistent and trusted reference point.

PsyPotential strongly believes in empowering leaders to become confident in their leadership competences and self-directing while knowing that a specialised and reliable professional team is available for them when needed. In this way, the company truly becomes partners in enabling organisations to achieve excellence through people.

Director, Psychologist, Training and Business Consultant: Elaine Dutton

Training and HR Practitioner: Josianne Camilleri

Director, Executive Coach and Business Consultant: Sharon Mulligan

Director, Psychologist, Training and Development Consultant: Patrick Psaila

Human Resources and Training Consultant: Regina Reinheimer

Training and HR Practitioner; Psychometrician: Joanne Mamo

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PsyPotential Directors Sharon Mulligan, Elaine Dutton and Patrick Psaila

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